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"Cloud" Computing for Any Application, Any Customer

Cloud computing refers to the use of a networked infrastructure software and the capacity to provide resources to users in an on-demand environment. ATS offers this solution as Hosted Virtual Environment, where your information is permanently stored on our servers. When accessed via the internet, your information is cached temporarily on your desktop computer, notebooks, handhelds, or other devices.

Hosted Virtual Environment (HVE) computing is scalable and elastic, offering your IT department a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on demand, without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. You may even choose to fully outsource your infrastructure with ATS. For many small to mid-size business owners the HVE option delivers peace of mind in knowing that services such as disaster recovery, test and development, and infrastructure on demand will be reliable and flexible.

Key Benefits
  • Resource On-Demand
  • Pay for what you Use
  • Scalable & Elastic
  • Improves Economics (due to shared infrastructure & elasticity)

ATS has partnered with VMware to offer our customers the best platform for building cloud infrastructures. With VMware vSphere 4, you get the efficiency and low cost of cloud computing with uncompromising control over service levels and freedom of choice. Building on the proven power of the VMware Infrastructure platform, used by more than 130,000 customers, VMware vSphere dramatically reduces capital and operating costs, and increases control over delivery of IT services while preserving the flexibility to choose between any type of OS, application and hardware, hosted in-house or using external resources. Not only does ATS recommend Vmware solutions, we’ve migrated our data center to a virtualized environment using their products.

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