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ATS’s data center provides modern technology and reliability to customers that insure maximum uptime of your systems. This highly secure operations center is protected by climate controlled redundant air conditioning and humidity controls from Liebert. With battery backup and power distribution provided by EATON, and a natural gas powered electric generator by Cummings Cumberland, ATS can ensure our customers a constant source of necessary power required to keep all systems running smoothly. We’ve also incorporated video monitoring, secure ID controls, and the latest technology in fire suppressant systems called Fm200, a non-destructive gas emission system to protect against fire, all to keep your data safe and secure.

  • Cisco-powered
  • Dual OC-12 backbone
  • 24 Hour physical surveillance
  • Colo-centric environment
  • Cabinet-based Infrastructure
  • 24 hour Intranet and Internet monitoring
  • Multi-homed network
  • BGP sessions for advanced routing procedures
  • Quick turnaround for committed information rate upgrade
  • Excellent scalability
  • Hi-availability deployment with superb price/performance ratios
  • Minimized single points of failure.
  • Services level agreements guarantee professional-grade service
  • Ever-increasing backbone connectivity


ATS has designed its backbone with the ability to minimize distressed and overallocated network access points to offer the most reliable and consistent data pipe available today. There is a wide range of bandwidth starting from 1 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps that can be fixed or burstable. With fixed bandwidth, the committed information rate of your connection is physically set at the speed you specify. ATS’s Fixed Bandwidth service is simply that: the committed information rate of your connection is physically set at the rate that you specify. This allows for valued pricing and reliable performance. This allows for competitive pricing as well as reliable performance. In ATS’s effort to offer the most relevant and straight-forward solutions, we have given the client a better way to order bandwidth. Our burstable product combines the best of both worlds; the reliability and price safety of a committed information rate and the value of a monthly data transfer rate. This allows clients to get access to faster throughput rates at cheaper prices.

Tape Rotation

ATS can manage tape rotations for your data that’s hosted in the ATS Data Center. This allows you to “remote administer” data backup easily and effectively. This service requires the client to have their own backup syn place and handles only the physical aspect of swapping the media and housing it onsite or offsite.

IP Space

ATS issues static IP addresses that are routed across the Internet in the most efficient manner possible via BGP implementation. Please note that larger IP blocks may only be issued to clients that have met ARIN Guidelines for Requesting Initial IP Address Space for Individual Ipv4 Address Space Assignment.

DNS Entries

ATS can manage your Domain Name Service (DNS) issues to offload these administrative tasks off your servers as well as your staff. ATS charges a nominal one-time fee for all DNS entries. Additionally, special reverse DNS requests can be achieved at the request of the client. MX record implementation, delegation of DNS to other servers, and round-robin DNS may be handled as well.

IP Monitoring

ATS will continually monitor your internet and intranet system status 24 hours a day, ensuring that your network is functioning properly. ATS can monitor Web Servers, CGI’s, FTP, POP3, SMTP, Scripts, Routers, Bridges, Disk Drive Space, NT System Services, NT Event Logs, DNS, Radius, COM Servers, thus giving you the ability to keep an eye on your equipment at any place and time.

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