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ATS Business Process — ATS believes in a four step business process. From large to small companies, following these guidelines ATS can help implement the professional services you need.

Plan — Not sure where to start. Want to set up a wide area network? Perhaps an IP phone system? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to secure you network. Well ATS is the place to start. Our professionals can evaluate your needs and develop a plan designed to meet you goals.

Design — ATS is staffed with Network Design Engineers to provide the right type of product or service you may need. We work with our clients to learn their business process and needs to develop product specification and service requirements that ensure the solution fits your needs.

Implement — Our project management and engineering staff will meet and exceed your expectations. Our experience is proven we can handle any size project and deliver the scope of work effectively and efficiently.

Manage - It's not enough to install a job and walk away.  ATS is there.  We offer multiple levels of support.  From staff augmentation, to complete outsourcing, ATS is there after the project to continue to support your business.

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