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Network Disaster Recovery
Planning, Assessment, & Recommendations

Have you been tasked with planning your companies disaster recovery plan/protocol? Are you struggling with how to start? Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS) has your solution! We will work one-on-one with you to devise a comprehensive Network Disaster Recovery Plan (NDRP).

  • Scope

    The purpose of the NDRP is to compile an electronic inventory of systems and services on the network and to identify business critical systems. Additionally, a Findings Report will be prepared which will review these systems and services and provide recommendations to allow for continuing business continuity. Information gained from a NDRP establishes a baseline of the network systems and services to be added to an overall Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • Assessment Goals

    An NDRP identifies the services and systems that are operationally critical. They are then assessed to determine type of system or service; interviews will be conducted to determine tolerance of downtime, and then planning recommendations to ensure the continuity.

  • Information Collection

    This process gathers critical data pertaining to the business and network. It includes items such as executive requirements, existing designs, equipment configurations, connectivity, and expectations. This step also includes one on one interviews with key personnel within your organization, including officers, department heads, and key people who determine the direction and goals of your organization overall Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • Analysis & Validation

    This step identifies and examines communications patterns and needs. It summarizes and interprets the data, using quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the business and network areas that need addressed to ensure proper implementation of the network piece of the NDRP.

  • Findings & Recommendations

    This concluding step is a comprehensive document, which provides a copy of the Findings, Conclusions and Recommended Solutions for allowing the business to continue running in the event of a disaster or to help provide guidelines to the acceptable time to recover in the event of network loss.

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