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Monitoring your entire network is a complex and critical process. Knowing whether a site on your network is up and running by checking its status at a regularly scheduled interval just isn’t enough. Unforseen network failures can leave employees idle and affect your ability to do business with the potential to lose thousands of dollars due to lack of productivity, lost revenue, or a damaged corporate image.

Advanced Technical Solutions' Network Monitoring Services provides a comprehensive solution to your enterprise monitoring issues. Our program provides you with choices – have key team members at your locations alerted directly so that they can take corrective action before the problem occurs, or utilize ATS' Monitoring Services combined with our Managed WAN Service and ATS will correct the problem before your team realizes there is an issue.

Key Benefits
  • Improved network and hardware performance
  • Fewer "growing pains" via network capacity management
  • Lower costs and increased efficiency via resource reallocation and leveraging back end systems from ATS
  • Increased employee productivity by automating routine administrative functions

What are "Managed Services"?

A managed service is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and/or efficient operations. ATS provides these services as a means to continuously monitor the health of your infrastructure and manage growth by providing:

  • Scheduled site/device reporting--a bird’s eye view into the real performance of your IT infrastructure.
  • Perspective into the network to understand what traffic is on the wire and how much of it.
  • The ability to forecast capacity issues before it becomes critical and compare against ongoing baselines.

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