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Develop a Technology Plan

Since new technology creates change, all phases of its introduction and use must be carefully managed from both technical and organizational perspectives. To make strategic use of information systems technology and to manage its integration and implementation, on organization must identify its business needs and develop a technology plan.

ATS Helps customers work through this process with its Network Needs Assessment (NNA). NNA is a structured yet flexible process for analysing the business needs of an organization and identifying the opportunities for the application of technology.

The NNA process includes several steps created to ensure a comprehensive analysis of your initial needs and continues through providing you with solutions and recommendations for reaching your business and networking goals. The process involves several key components as described below.

Scope & Definition

This segment is intended to identify the areas of focus, define deliverables and create a project execution strategy with you , including time lines.

Information Collection

This process gathers critical data pertaining to the business and network. It includes items such as user requirements, existing designs, equipment configurations, circuit consumption and support concerns. This step also includes one-on-one interviews with key personnel within your organizaton, including officers, department heads, and key people who determine the direction and goals of your organization.

Analysis & Validation

This step identifies and examines communications patterns and needs. It summarizes and interprets the data, using quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the business and network areas that need addressed.

Findings & Recommendations

This concluding step is a comprehensive document which provides a copy of the Findings, Conclusions, and Recommended Solutions for those areas of the business and network believed to be inefficient or at some level of risk. Specific existing problematic network issues that are discovered are reported to you with specific recommendation actions to be taken.

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