ATS Privacy Policy

Last Updated: June 1, 2008

Notice: The following statement represents the information collection and use practices of the official ATS website, The ATS website links to other sites within the ATS domain and various other external sites which are not covered by this policy.

Thank you for visiting the ATS website. We understand your concerns regarding privacy and make no attempt to collect personal information of any kind unless you choose to make such information available.

When you visit the ATS website, our web server automatically logs the domain, IP address and software (browser and platform) by which you accessed the website. This information does not identity your name, username, e-mail address or other personal information.

Additional information is collected by our web server such as the date, time and volume of web page accesses. We collect and review this information in order to evaluate the effectiveness of ATS’ web presence and to improve the experience of visitors to the website. Again, this information is non-personal and is not sold or provided to other organizations.

Should you make the choice to submit personal information to us by sending an e-mail or filling out an electronic form, we will use the information only for purposes which you have given authorization. If you are filling out a registration form for a joint ATS/vendor hosted event, your information may be shared with the event partners. This information may be stored for a period of time by ATS for the use for which it was collected, but will not be disclosed to government agencies unless the disclosure is required by state or federal law. In the event of such a disclosure, we will do our best to notify you in advance.

If you have any questions regarding privacy or the practices of the ATS website, please contact us at –