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Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS) is pleased to offer you a new solution, “IP Telephony Managed Services”. Now you can get the scalability, reliability, flexibility & dependability from a new IP Telephony Phone System without the large up front investment. You will receive your choice of phones with voice mail for one low monthly fee with qualified support. Give your business the flexibility of the advanced features that this service offers. ATS deploys industry leader Cisco Systems Business Communications Solutions to provide your business with Enterprise Style functionality. Some of this functionality includes:

Ease of Use - For employees in a small or medium sized office, the Managed IP Phone features are very intuitive, thus requiring little training. Using the display of a Cisco IP phone, the Extensible Markup Language (XML) capabilities enable you to use a variety of productivity-enhancing applications such as accessing information from the Yellow Pages, deploying a time card function, checking airline schedules, and noting student attendance, to name a few. And you can configure the system to provide local language and tones support as well.

Computer Telephony Integration - The system has the capabilities to support Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with your customer-relationship-management (CRM) applications. For example, if your staff uses an application to manage their contact lists and contact information, when a contact calls, the system can automatically access that contact’s record based on their caller ID. This streamlines work processes and increases efficiency. Gaining immediate access to personal and order information without having to manually enter individual account information allows employees to both personalize and speed their interactions with important contacts.

Call Coverage Capabilities - Call forwarding, call pick up, dual line appearances and hunt groups ensure that when a call comes into any office, regardless of office size, it will be answered efficiently to ensure that customers remain satisfied with the service they receive Integrated voice and data for the small and medium-sized office, offering locally delivered call processing, voice mail, and basic automated attendant.

Integrated Voice Mail - When the next-available person cannot answer a call, extending individual voice mailboxes to all employees provides an opportunity to improve customer service and employee productivity, while increasing the professionalism in a small or medium-sized office.

General Delivery Voice Mailboxes - The system also provides general delivery voice mailboxes, voice mail storage for employees with similar skill sets or job functions. For example, when customers call a retail store, real estate office, or bank with a general question, they may not require the attention of a particular employee. A general delivery mailbox allows the first-available team member to retrieve a message and promptly respond to a customer’s needs.

Built-In Automated Attendant - A basic, built-in automated attendant enables callers to quickly reach the right person without the assistance of an operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A dial-by-name and dial-by-extension directory simplifies self-service, and if you need further assistance, you can easily return to an operator when needed.

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