Zombie Bow Season Banner  
Zombie Bow Season Information:
  • A few employees were asking for a bow & arrow shooting competition.
  • Considering all of the safety restrictions, we came up with this Zombie Bow Season idea.
  • We purchased a crazy light up bow and arrows that looked like missles and whistled through the air.
  • Hunters had a total of six shots at zombie targets. Highest combined score won!
  • Click on the picture to the left to get a full description of the bow hunt, see the photo album on our ATS Facebook page,and see who won!
MarioKart Banner  
MarioKart Balloon Pop Derby Information:
  • The idea for this event was discovered on Facebook in a video.
  • We purchased then modified MarioKart themed Remote control vehicles.
  • Modifications included holders for balloons in the rear, and needles in the front.
  • Teams of two signed up for a single elimination Balloon Pop Derby.
  • Click on the picture to the left to get a full description of the derby, see the photo album on our ATS Facebook page,and see who won!
Lost Escape Room Banner  
Lost Escape Room Information:
  • Our second off-site event of the season, and something really different.
  • We booked two rooms at Lost Escape rooms, Outbreak and 60:00.
  • Employees signed up for which room challenge interested them. We had 18 people sign up for this ultimate team building experience.
  • The goal is to escape your room in under 60 minutes by finding clues, solving puzzles, cracking codes to unlock the door.
  • Click on the picture to the left to see if our two teams were successful in finding the cure to the Outbreak and preventing the next world war.
Hot Dog Challenge Banner  
Hot Dog Eating Challenge Information:
  • This wasn't your typical Hot Dog Eating Challeng.
  • These are delicious, heavenly pastry hot dogs from Spring Hill Pastry Shop.
  • The challenge was who could eat the most in 10 minutes, OR the first to eat 10, whichever came first.
  • You won't believe the results! Click on the photo to the left to view the photo gallery and see who won.
  • Lunch was also provided for both contestants and spectators. Of course, we grilled Hot Dogs!
Bingo & BBQ Banner  
Bingo Brews & BBQs Information:
  • This was our first off-site after work event.
  • We arranged to have our private party at our favorite BBQ joint in the Valley, L&R.
  • We had a delicious dinner and a brew or two to wash it down.
  • We played 5 games of BINGO following dinner, each offering a prize.
  • Grand Prize for the last game, full card BINGO, was 2 adult passes to King's Island and some spending $$$.
  • Click on the pic to the left to see all the winners in the photo album on our FB page.
Captain America Banner  
Captain America  
Captain America Movie Event Information:
  • Having a lot of Marvel Comics fans employed here at ATS, this was a pretty easy event to pull together.
  • ATS purchased tickets for our employees and a guest to attend the movie after work.
  • As it turned out, the movie started a little before 5pm, so Brian & Gary let the crew leave a little early too!
  • And, they purchased popcorn for everyone!
Darts Tournament Banner  
Darts Tournament Information:
  • This was our first ever Darts Tournamanet.
  • Sixteen participants signed up for this single elimination event. Levels of experience ranged from NONE to You Gotta Be Kidding Me?!
  • Single elimination bracket. Count up with each round increasing in the point value.
  • Elimination rounds were played during the morning with the Championship round being played at lunch.
  • FREE lunch was provided for participants and spectators, Marco's pizza, yum!
  • Check out the photo album on the ATS Facebook page to see who won.
Hot Shots Banner  
Hot Shots Team Tourney Information:
  • Each team has three players. Each player gets one minute of shooting time.
  • Player must shoot from any of three marked locations on the court, each with a different point value.
  • Total of each player on team is combined for total team score.
  • Shooting order of teams determined by sign up.
  • Two high scoring teams advance to a shoot out to determine winner.
  • Each team selects one shooter to represent them in shootout. They have three minutes to shoot but must move to a different shot location with EVERY shot. High scoring team wins competition.
  • We had burgers from the Monster Grill, fresh tossed salad, and assorted chips for lunch.
Minute To Win It Team Banner  
Minute To Win It Team Challenge Information:
  • Each team has two players. Each player must participate in all four challenges.
  • Challenges are modified from the original game plans to make them for teams.
  • Four challenges are Junk in the Trunk, Candelier, Pink Elephant, and Ka-Broom.
  • The team that completes each challenge or in the least amount of time under 60 seconds wins the challenge and splits $50.
  • Game descriptions and event photos can be found on the ATS Facebook page. Videos of event are posted on the ATS YouTube Channel.
  • We had Husson's pizza for lunch.
Siicon Chef Banner  
Silicon Chef Information:
  • All entries had to be MADE IN the crockpot.
  • The creation could be a Dessert, Entree, Soup or Side Dish with no restrictions on recipe content.
  • Due to longer cookign times, some pre-cooking was allowed at home.
  • Entries were judged on Taste, Originality of Recipe, and WOW factor (you made this in a crockpot?!).
  • Click on the picture to the left to see the photo album on our ATS Facebook page. Recipes are included in the photo captions.
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